Binary Persona: Upgrading the super slim 12gb ps3

Tuesday, 16 October, 2012 542 words

I have an original phat PS3 that I bought in March 2007 and upgraded to 500GB. It gets used every day in the living room by the fiance who uses PlayTV to pause, rewind and record copious amounts of television. That PlayStation is mine and I’m meant to be playing games on it but because the fiance has an iron grip of my balls, I only really play on it once a fortnight, tv schedule permitting.

When the slim PS3 came out, we got one for the law firm and I thought, great, I’ll stay back and play my games there in peace and quiet where no Chihuahua or blessed nagging can get to me. This never happened because when I’m in the office, I want to finish that one last thing. And then another.

So now that the super slim PS3 came out, I went stuff it, I’m getting one for my home office. I am going to close the door on the fiance and dog and have my little space where I can zone out and play games because I want to and they’re fun. Having just upgraded my Macbook to a solid state drive, I decided to buy the smaller and cheaper 12GB PS3 and hopefully slot in the 2.5″ SATA II hard drive so that my digital downloads can have somewhere to sit. It was really easy and this is how I did it.

I ripped off the top cover and I stuck in my old hard drive. I didn’t take out any screws and the hard drive is a bit wobbly inside with about half a centimetre gap all around it, but that’s ok because the PlayStation’s going to sit on my desk behind my monitor. I should probably have unscrewed things and ensured the hard drive was properly cased or at least pad it out so that it fits snuggly and unmoving inside the bay but I’m insistent that this is fine. There was no hard drive inside to take out and replace, so I’m guessing the previous 12GB is internal flash space somewhere on the motherboard.

The PlayStation had to format its new innards and I’m assuming it loaded its OS onto the new 320GB capacity. It took a while but it’s working lovely now. I’m playing Uncharted 2 in peace and its so much easier to ignore the fiance and dog now.

So I guess what I have to impart to anybody else looking to buy the cheaper 12GB version and upgrading it themselves is this: It’s so easy. Just rip it off and stick it in.

I think it’s a good idea to pad out the hard drive inside the bay with non-flammable material so that it doesn’t wiggle and wear out the connector if you move it around too much but that’s not a concern for me because this console is going to be planted unmoving on my desk for quite a while. If you think the PS3 is going to be dropped or shaken by a child, maybe go so far as to indulge in some good old duct tape to secure the cover so that the hard drive doesn’t disconnect and fall out. That’d take some furious toddler shaking but just in case, I guess.