RATATATATATAT and other blasting noises, through Borderlands 2


After 35 hours, my partner and I finished Borderlands 2 on the PC. It is a linear World of Warcraft with guns that you can play co-operatively. Although it has all the mechanics of a MMORPG that has been scaled down to at most four people – like random loot, chains of quests, and incremental leveling/a skill tree – it is at heart, a marvelous display of what happens when you let your game development team be as funny, creative and out there as they want. We spent so many moments just laughing at the humour imbued in our campaign. Continue reading

Flying kites at the beach


Believe it or not, one of my personal dreams is to go fly a kite. It’s not a dream or goal but its a bit of whimsy that I’ve wanted to partake in since forever.

My partner and his best friend spent the day taking me to stores to pick out a pirate kite and then fly it at the beach. You should have seen my face. My delighted squeals set off car alarms. Continue reading

A magical wedding


In 2012 I went to my boss’ engagement party and snapped this photo with his new fiance. I was so happy for them and there was such an outpouring of love that night from all their family and friends. It had a mad hatter theme and the boss and I ended up being the only men who bothered dressing up. When we got together there was just this warm, quiet smile from deep down with the work accomplished at the law firm and how we actually followed the dress code because we’re nerds like that.

This year, I got to go to their wedding and I was on the brink of tears. It took place at Gunners’ Barracks. Continue reading

A magical stretch of green


The partner and I have found great solace in nature, with regular hikes on whatever trails we’ve come across. On top of how I’ve been jogging three times a week, I think this is the fittest in body and soul that I have been. And I say soul because on top of the physicality of it all, we’ve been making lists with goals and have actually been knocking them off – bags for the homeless, playing catch regularly and feeding ducks. I’m in a very happy place at the moment where I feel really productive in my leisurely pursuits. Continue reading