Binary Persona

A journal by Mann 男, a twenty-four year old programmer in Sydney, Australia. More about.

18Thank you for reading
11Refurbishing a GBA SP
11Coding my own workout
11Engineering my own food – DIY Soylent
26Conquering all that is Minecraft (1.6.4)
25Bulk Nutrients, the best Aussie supplements provider
19Frowning at nature and not giving a dam
19RATATATATATAT and other blasting noises, through Borderlands 2
10Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride
5Hearthstone – Blizzard’s trading card game
1Redfining fashion at the art gallery and botanic gardens
1Steam In-home Streaming Beta
31On the unhappiness of consumption
30No more games – following the stream
30It took a minute to hire me, and forever to say goodbye
30Not flying kites at the cape
30Flying kites at the beach
30Origami Swans
14Soundtrack to life
7A year of riding
7A magical wedding
7A once a year encounter at the night beach
7A magical stretch of green
25Bags for the homeless
24The fucking swear jar
142014 Valentine’s Day
8Replacing the Wii disc drive with a hard drive
2A tinkering on my motorcycle
12014 Chinese New Year Finale – The Curry Puff Stall
12014 Chinese New Year Interlude – Apartment Hunting
312014 Chinese New Year – Pepper Lunch
312014 Chinese New Year – The Art Exhibition
312014 Chinese New Year – Silver Service
312014 Chinese New Year – Botanic Gardens
312014 Chinese New Year – Sim Tower
302014 Chinese New Year – Chinatown
302014 Chinese New Year – Bishi Bashi
302014 Chinese New Year – slurp those noodles, son
292014 Chinese New Year – here there be dragons
292014 Australia Day – walkabout
29Summer afternoons at the park
25Lunchable green
25I got myself a new iPad
19Sleep paralysis
11I went and fed ducks at a pond
4Staring at leaves all weekend

27If I were a Pokemon gym leader
26The heart of 2013 Boxing Day
25A belated Merry Christmas and warm wishes to all
21Bike, on a mic #6: Work recap, new year, motocycle persona, and entertaining kids
21The 2013 work Christmas Party
21Retro gaming at work
21Invigorating a timeless classic – Smash Bros Project M
18The second safe place
18Beating the Christmas rush in a law firm (or two)
23Returning to Skyrim on PC from the PS3
18The world is like a melon?
17Morning kegels with slippery riding conditions
17Mayor and Time Traveller in Animal Crossing New Leaf
17Soldiering on
17Being left behind in Pokemon X and Y
8The appeal of micro apartments and why I want one
6A lunch time of pseudocode
6On success (and info systems)
52013 Sculpture by the Sea
5My motorcycle family
3A weekend Pokemon marathon for two
31Trundling about Perth
31A great personal finance book – The Millionaire Next Door
30A silly thought on streams of work and income
30Fire and bubbles in self-systainability
25Lift off and a new notebook
19Young and Beautiful
19Cycling at Sydney Olympic Park
192013 Sydney Night Noodle Markets
19By the river in Brisbane at the Stamford
19Sydney Fleet Review
19Creating a life
18New spectacles
30Revisiting Battlefield 2: pew pew
29A spark in Canberra
29The joy of two wheels: cycling
1524: Reflection
1524: Gotta catch em all
1524: My birthday
1524: Being well in Melbourne
1524: Friends
14Shopping: an implicit obligation that should be obsolete
7Motorcycle games that keep me amused
7Final Fantasy XIV Chronicles #1: It’s a magical world, ol’ buddy – let’s go exploring
7Happy times riding and saddle bags
31Bike, on a mic #4: dreams
31Honda Tail Pack Set (OEM seat bag)
29Aviation photography day
24Welcome back sound
24My aunties
23An early rise
17Bike, on a Mic #3: my provisional license, occupation, relationship
8A hot chocolate at Mrs Macquaries Point
8On procrastination and my sudden influx of industry
7Final Fantasy XII Chronicles, pregame: let’s load the world then save it
30My first moto-vlog: Bike, on a Mic #1
30On money
29Guide to group motorcycle riding
21The top speed of a Honda CBR250RA
21The Grand Pacific Drive on a Honda CBR250RA
7Life with a Honda CBR250RA – Groceries
3Writing – what a lovely, passionate discourse
24The Voice 2013 Finale
24‘Blapsing’ as a wall-slinging spy in Gunpoint
16Learning First Aid at St Johns
6Replacing a Macbook Pro 13″ (8.1, early 2011) Battery
29Two months with my Honda CBR
29CeBit 2013
20My Sim City
30The Easy Way, Sydney Get Away: I choose you, Pikachu!
29The Easy Way, Sydney Get Away: Day Five, By the Harbour
28The Easy Way, Sydney Get Away: Day Four, follow the white dinosaur
27The Easy Way, Sydney Get Away: Day Three, Pork Day!
26The Easy Way, Sydney Get Away: Day Two, the Chinatown Crawl
25The Easy Way, Sydney Get Away: Day One, Anzac Day and the MCA
23Chalking up a rainbow at the Opera House
19Retro controllers, the best things I’ve bought
12Riding to unwind, life with my Honda CBR250R
31My safe place, Sydney Harbour
29An anecdote about the magic of gaming
29Dinner at the art gallery
29My first motorcycle, a Honda CBR 250R ABS
14I have chronic asthma, but I’m fine. Really.
10I fancy myself a motorcyclist
26Uncle Tom’s wedding reception at Phoenix

27Christmas dinner at China Doll
27I learnt how to sew, I am an independent woman now
9No greater pleasure
9Building my own Windows PC
9The ideal bachelor scenario
9The childish glee of discovery in the Black Swan
9Beating Naruto Generations: I am ninja, hwah!
17I can has iPhone 5!
17Fuck you, I am panda!
17Conquering Uncharted 1 and 2
16I’m still alive!
10My grandmother passed away last month
10I like my bike
19Where there once stood trees
16Upgrading the super slim 12gb ps3
15I am twenty-three now
14A happy work life
9Growing a lens plant
8Run little Chihuahua, run!
7Saturday jog – 7kms
20The life and times of a Chihuahua – morning
11Listen to this violin bukkake
11I gained 14 inches overnight
8The most beautiful voice in folk
8Better ambient lighting for your Mac, F.lux
7Half an hour on Omegle
26Upgrading my Macbook Pro
8I beat Diablo III
4Finally going live with a website
28Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
27A design fit for the best law firm in Sydney
27Designing a professional site for a consultant
27Designing the NooBTooB website
27A design for a stay-at-home mother who makes baby cakes
20No more social media
17Keeping warm through the winter chill
17Super happy fun times as a wizard in Diablo III
5Sydney’s Autumn full moon by night and day
5I bought my Chihuahua some socks
4On being an adult
5Troubleshooting IT for dad
28How I got into writing – the way he smiled
22The iPad is the ideal Macbook Air I didn’t know I wanted
22Portal 2
9The mystery of the red celestial being
8Five hours to the moon
28On happiness
28A new internet age is born
28The thousand year turtle
28Stop being fussy and worrying about technology
28I made my dog a blog
27The Hunger Games
21My shiny new iPad (3) 4G
11On sleep
102012: Mardi Gras Parade
4Carbon Copying Mac OS X in a bind
3Happy smiles
21Visiting baby Isabella
6Jumping, stomping and sumo pulling on the 3DS
4You’re looking very sharp
2A boring job is a first world problem
1A piano duet wet dream with cubs
1Pretty/flashy vs effective design
31Moving is hard work but we have an office now
23My puppy Totoro and the family
23A new year, a new place
20Christmas means Nintendo
3Caving 2011/12: The Nettle Cave

30Tanking and spanking my way through Skyrim
19We live on a blue orb in the sky
14Sculpture by the sea, 2011
14I have a virus, I’m a PC
6Watch this, just watch it
29Just another rainy Monday morning
26Skyrim: A matter of urgency
26I love my puppy
13I finished the Ratchet and Clank Future trilogy
10On novel writing – the fear of exposure
9The nine to five morning routine
7Classical thunder and a puppy
6A book a day, keeps the doctor away
6Totoro, my writing companion
5The fiance and I bought a small dog
4I love my new mobile phone. It does not nag at me.
27Thursday night shopping
25Another morning, another day
15I bought myself a mountain bike
30Finishing Deus Ex: Human Revolution
29Speeding through suburbia in a tin tube
19The colours of a springtime night
15Twenty two, things to do and aim for
2Carbon tax protesters
31What we read
31My new camera/pseudo baby – a Nikon D3100
31Skydiving into the world of Deus Ex
31Migrating to Media Temple, what a pleasure
27Final Fantasy XIII, a wonderful world
14A night out at Westfield Sydney
1Vanuatu: Day 6, bye bye
28Vanuatu: Day 2, dinner at La Tentation
27Vanuatu: Day 1, a dinner at Erakor island
24A primer into the world of blogging
32011 Parramatta Medieval Winter Fest
18A live acoustic performance by Wynter Gordon
16Sucker Punch’s Infamous franchise on the PS3
15Saturday mornings
8A gay couple in a hardware store is dangerous
29A royal wedding party
242011 Sydney Royal Easter Show: Livestock
242011 Sydney Royal Easter Show: Cake Competition
242011 Sydney Royal Easter Show: Animal Judging
242011 Sydney Royal Easter Show: Agriculture
13Assaulted and robbed by 5 middle eastern youths
1Danielle’s Farewell
20Modern day operating systems
20Asian cooking: chicken noodle soup!
11I’m domesticated now
102011 Mardi Gras: Parade!
26A lazy weekend at home
262011 Mardi Gras: Fair Day
19Beloved MacBook Air 2008-2011
19Go home, get fat and sleep
16To catch a husband is an art, to hold him is a job
16The fiance and my video games, B-Spec

27After-Christmas Clearance Sales
25A very Merry Christmas
20IKEA: I don’t think we need that but sure, let’s buy it.
4Yet another Elvis sighting
30NaNoWrimo Fail #2
1Screw you spiders, screw you all!
1Work and cupcakes
1November Trinity Trance Session
25Untitled, acrylic on canvas
23A dollar for lunch – diet plan
23Office life and the stapler
23The Sunrise Taxi Driver
23Art & About Sydney 2010
23My Neighbour Totoro
23A harbour city, a stroll and a bit of curiosity
23The boyfriend and long weekends
13Morning Plan for a Mann
30The Stories of the Moon Festival
302010 Parramatta Pride Picnic
27CAMP! CAMP! CAMP! The Stonewall art erection!
27September Trinity Trance Session
24Twenty one, family life and coming out
24Twenty one, home life
8I baked cub cakes – second woof down
7I baked cub cakes – woof them down
4My head space in an anabolic state
27Crystall Ball @ Oxford Art Factory
25Reading literotica – I am a lesbian now
25Amazon, e-books and the kindle.
24Dragon Age Origins: Saving the world, plundering the men
22So long Taylor Square Spider
16Rallying for same-sex marriage equality
16Dry July and the reflection it brought
29My Harbour City
29The Cutting Corner
27Heavy Rain
14ハチ公: A Dog’s Story
13Dry July 2010
5Holy Tuesday DnB
5Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
30Sydney Sustainable Farmers Markets @ Taylor Square
30No matter how much I work out, I will always be a pansy
30Camp Stonewall @ Taylor Square
23My mum and dad
23Maxi Shield’s return to Camp Chef @ Stonewall
23Wrapping up the sex workshop, ‘Adult Themes’
222010 Supanova Pop Culture Expo
22Furry Fridays @ The Oxford Hotel
22Dragged Out Again @ Slide
17Our education system is fundamentally wrong and I dropped out of uni
11Platypus Around the World – London, Johannesburg & Bali
10Adult Themes Sex Workshop @ ACON
10IDAHO Art Exhibition @ the Kudos Gallery
10A Wednesday Night at the Midnight Shift
10Rugger Bugger 11 @ Saddle Bar
102010 Harbour City Bear Pageant
10Sushi Train @ The Ivy
30I am hooked on Glee
29Jun Seba AKA Nujabes. Rest in beautiful peace.
29Twink Town, ‘Preschool Musical’ at Slide
24Trinity, a night of pure trance at Saddlebar
21One day…
17IDAHO: Rallying for Marriage Equality
16Gotta work out the entire body!
1Bar hopping through Sydney’s Oxford St Queer Scene
22Trying to cook my own lunch and accidentally becoming a master chef
22Plants, my style
22“Spare change, sir? … Ok…”
22FANTASIA: City Boys @ ARQ
21The average city night trawl
21Hymn to Beauty, the Art of Utamaro
21Fake marriages to cover homosexuality
21This photo pretty much sums up my lunches
3Climbing the tall erection that is Centre Point
3Relaxing with deep house Piano Rain
2That Gran Turismo Feeling
2I’m fat now.
2Game over screens with that dating game
2Earth Hour
25City Sunday on St Patrick’s Day Weekend
25A walk from the Chauvel to Oxford’s gay heart
25Kumi Ito – Warabe
25Sho Shiroki, a Japanese Calligraphy Artist
25Japanese Modern Art – Tokyo and Beyond
23No matter how much I work out, I’ll always be a nerd.
21St Patricks Day
21Oh God, incoming food blog?
21Alcohol and me
20My body is my temple, time to reclaim it
282010 Mardi Gras: Parade Aftermath
282010 Mardi Gras: The parade energy of Oxford Street
282010 Mardi Gras: Pre-parade gathering
272010 Mardi Gras: Pre-parade Oxford mobile shots
272010 Mardi Gras: A night in a nutshell v2
262010 Mardi Gras: Meeting Kaz Ichikawa
252010 Mardi Gras: A night in a nutshell
252010 Mardi Gras: Wine for the exhibition
242010 Mardi Gras: Mardi Bar Opening Night
242010 Mardi Gras: Setting up the exhibition
212010 Mardi Gras: Fair Day
212010 Mardi Gras: The Fantabulous Walk of Modern and Historical Curiosities
14Grand Theft Auto IV is a driving game
12Amanda Fucking Palmer at the Opera House
11Millennium Actress
10The Midnight Ghost
10Culture Club: Mardi Ha
6Australian fucking Art – a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW
5Nothing is truly binary
5Old rain, old teacher, old ways.
1Browsers and why internet explorer is so frowned upon
1Zelda: Regurgitation for the generations is a good thing
31Know colour theory? Here, have a seizure.
31The inner self and painting it.
26Australia Day and Sydney life is really good
25Cheques from Google
25Are video games art?
252010 Portfolio
25Echochrome, the most exquisite thing I’ve ever heard.
10Sex Positions
1New Years Resolutions for 2010
1A look back at 2009
1Design: New Years Celebration Inspiration
1Life in Suburbia – Lidcombe

23I can has violin!
7KJEcstasy, Makoto – Time (K Jazz Massive Remix)
7The Parallel Attitudes in the Role Playing and Raiding Communities
6Wiping at the Login Screen, World of Warcraft casually
6Engrossed with Mondo Grosso’s Shinin’
29Tonight on World of Warcraft, I stalked young kids.
23Somebody animated my innermost desires
17A bonsai kind of guy, 4-11
13Reciprocating etiquette by forfeiting condoms
12Fuck You Kanagawa, I AM ANTEATER
10NaNoWriMo – Giddy, start, realise, scared.
7World of Warcraft, that’s a wrap
7Persona 4, best JRPG ever because its gay
6Persona 4, the peak of the JRPG genre
2Playing a holy paladin in World of Warcraft
2How I made my gold in WoW by playing the AH
1Slash Roll, my beloved WoW guild
31Hello World